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  • Are You Privacy Compliant? Penalties and Fines Drastically Increased and Expanded

    Changes are coming to Canada’s privacy legislation. The federal government introduced new legislation in Bill C-11 that will replace part of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).  

    The new Act will be called the Consumer Privacy Protection Act, and while it is similar to PIPEDA in many ways, there are some significant changes.   Those changes include significantly greater penalties for non-compliance with the Act, as well as some new requirements.

    These amendments are important to every organization that collects, uses or discloses personal information in the course of commercial activities, and will apply across the country (subject to exemptions for provinces that have substantially similar legislation).

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  • COVID-19 Workplace Plans and PIPEDA – Are You Privacy Compliant?

    Staying on top of the (almost) daily changes in COVID-19 requirements and guidelines is hard enough, but employers must also think about the privacy issues that go along with their COVID-19 response.  Employers must comply with privacy legislation and that means paying attention to how personal information is collected, used and disclosed when an employer implements its COVID-19 response.  We’ll talk about some of the key privacy issues to consider.

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