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Focused on what you need to know.

The workplace is governed by a wide-range of labour and employment laws that are continually changing.

Optimize Employment provides timely updates – ensuring you are on top of all of the changes.

What does Optimize Employment track?

Our automated systems continually monitor legislation, regulations and regulatory policy across Canada.

  • Employment standards
  • Human rights & accessibility
  • Labour relations
  • Occupational health & safety
  • Pay equity
  • Workers’ compensation

Key features.

  • Receive regular emails notifying you of all updates.
  • Access comprehensive, yet easy-to-read legal summaries in our database.
  • Identify changes that will impact your organization and your clients.
  • Spot cross-country trends or see a quick snapshot of what’s happening in your province.

Customize your updates.

You decide what jurisdiction(s)and topic(s) to follow and when to receive updates.

Only need updates on Ontario law? Or, employment standards? Want to receive a weekly summary?

It’s easy to tailor Optimize Employment to suit your needs.

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