Optimize Compliance

Understand the law today and be prepared for tomorrow.

Businesses must comply with complex and ever evolving laws, which vary from one jurisdiction to the next.

Optimize Compliance makes it easy.

What is Optimize Compliance?

A tool that makes it easy for businesses to understand and stay on top of legal compliance.

  • Build customizable compliance reports
  • Easy-to-read summaries compile everything you need to know 
  • A “one-stop-shop” for every jurisdiction in Canada

Key features.

  • Plain language summaries
  • Updated in real time
  • Customized reports focus on what is important to you
  • Download reports for offline use
  • Receive timely and targeted updates

Find what you need.

  • Select an Area of Law (e.g. Employment Standards)
  • Drill down on a Topic (e.g. Hours of Work), Jurisdiction(s) or Industry
  • Save results to use offline or to receive notice of any changes

Ready to get started?