Optimize Legal Expands its Team

Optimize Legal is delighted to announce that Gayle Wadden will be joining its team as Chief Legal Officer. Gayle will be overseeing all legal research and content development, as well as internal legal matters.

“As Optimize Legal expands its suite of legal information products, we need a seasoned research expert. With her years of experience as a legal researcher and developer/provider of legal education programs, Gayle is the ideal person to lead content development.”

– Lesha Van Der Bij, CEO

Gayle and Lesha began working together at a national law firm, practicing law in areas that are legislation-heavy, and developing extensive legal research experience. They saw first-hand how even seasoned lawyers struggle to understand legislation and stay on top of ongoing changes. Realizing that there must be a better way, they began leveraging automation to transform Canadian statutes and regulations into accessible legal information products.

“We want to simplify the process for tracking changes to the law and ensuring compliance.”

Gayle Wadden, CLO

Optimize Legal’s mission is to break down Canada’s statutes and regulations into manageable components. We want our customers to have ready access to the laws that are relevant to them – understanding how each law affects them, their organization and their clients.