Pay Equity – Optimize Compliance Adds New Area of Law

Optimize Compliance has launched a new Area of Law – pay equity. We heard from many clients just how confusing pay equity can be. So, Optimize Compliance provides users with plain language summaries, which simplify the pay equity framework, including:

  • Committees – which employers must establish a pay equity committee? what are the committee’s duties? what happens when an organization is unable to establish or continue a committee?
  • Notices – what notices must be provided to employees?Pay Equity
  • Implementation – what are the steps for implementing pay equity in a workplace? what happens if the workplace does not have male job classes for comparison?
  • Maintenance – what is the process for maintaining pay equity in a workplace?
  • Reporting – what are employers’ reporting obligations? what information must be included in annual reports?
  • Enforcement – what are the penalties for non-compliance? what is the potential liability of directors and officers of non-compliant companies?

Currently, Optimize Compliance covers federal pay equity requirements. Additional jurisdictions, which have pay equity legislation for private sector employers, will be rolled out in the coming weeks.