Optimize Compliance Launches New Area of Law – Privacy 

Optimize Compliance has launched a new Area of Law – private sector privacy. Canadian businesses can now use Optimize Compliance to ensure they are meeting their privacy law obligations.

Optimize Compliance is the one-stop solution for HR professionals, making legal compliance easy and affordable. Subscribers can build customized HR compliance reports that:
  • are written in plain language;
  • are updated in real time to reflect changes to laws across the country;
  • help to identify upcoming business changes.

Optimize Compliance already covers employment standards, health and safety and human rights requirements across Canada. With the addition of privacy law, users have ready access to  requirements related to personal information and breaches in several Canadian jurisdictions, including Ontario. Additional topics and jurisdictions will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

“Our clients told us that the next area where they needed help was privacy law. With the addition of private sector privacy, our subscribers can better understand how these laws affect them, their business and their employees.”

Lesha Van Der Bij, CEO

Optimize Compliance is a powerful online tool that makes it easy to understand and stay on top of changes to HR legislation.