COVID-19 Tip #11: Government Guidance for Re-opening Workplaces (Part I)

As provinces across the country begin to permit businesses to re-open, many governments are publishing workplace guidance – highlighting what businesses need to do to keep employees and customers safe. Below is information on guidance from Alberta & Quebec. More posts to follow.


The Alberta government published workplace guidance, outlining issues that should be addressed in written workplace policies and procedures – to be developed and implemented by all workplaces prior to re-opening or continuing operations.

The guidance includes information regarding:

  • communicating with staff and volunteers with respect to COVID-19;
  • managing sick staff and volunteers;
  • prevention methods:
    • screening staff for symptoms;
    • hygiene;
    • cleaning and disinfecting;
    • engineering controls, administrative controls and personal protective equipment;
    • workplace bathrooms and showers;
    • distancing and gatherings in the workplace;
    • rules for retail items (e.g., strategies to minimize the handling of retail objects before purchase);
    • home delivery, drive through, take-out and curb-side pick-up;
  • special protocols for large production facilities.


The Quebec Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST) has published a COVID-19 toolkit for Quebec workplaces. The toolkit includes health and safety guides, checklists and posters to be used across sectors, as well as ones for specific sectors (i.e., manufacturing, construction, retail and mining).