Optimize Legal’s innovative tools provide easy access to legal information.

At the heart of Canada’s legal system are thousands of statutes and regulations. These laws vary from one province to the next, can be incredibly complex and are continually evolving. Lawyers must stay on top of the changes. Businesses must follow the law.

Leveraging automation, Optimize Legal has transformed this myriad of rules and requirements into accessible legal information products. We simplify the process for tracking changes and ensuring compliance.

Our Story

We began working together at a national law firm, practicing law in areas that are legislation-heavy, and developing extensive legal research experience. Hence, at Optimize Legal, we understand the “nuts and bolts” of legislation – how it is enacted, amended, brought into force and applied. Combining that knowledge with a keen interest in technology and doing law different, we are working to make legislation accessible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to break down Canada’s legislation and regulations into manageable components. We want our customers to easily find the laws that are relevant to them, and understand how these laws affect them, their organization and their clients.

Our Team

Lesha Van Der Bij

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

As Optimize Legal’s CEO, Lesha establishes the road map and strategy for the company’s legal information products. Lesha has over 20 years of experience working in the legal industry. This includes practicing law and leading knowledge management initiatives at a national law firm.

More recently, as a consultant, Lesha helped law firms and in-house teams develop better resources and improve service delivery. A regular contributor of Tech Tips to SlawTips, Lesha enjoys testing out new apps and technology.

Gayle Wadden

Chief Legal Officer

As Optimize Legal’s CLO, Gayle oversees all legal research and content development, as well as internal legal matters.

Gayle has close to 20 years of experience working in the legal industry. This includes both practicing law and leading knowledge management initiatives at national and regional law firms. Gayle is also a legal researcher and developer / provider of legal education programs.