Mandatory Posting Requirements – A Cross-Canada Checklist

While posting requirements may not sound exciting, it is important for employers to know their obligations.  Failure to comply with these requirements can lead to enforcement action, including penalties and fines.

These posting requirements vary somewhat from province to province and are imposed under both employment standards and health and safety legislation.  We’ve provided a summary of the mandatory posting requirements in each province – in some cases additional posting requirements may be imposed.

Generally, the information that is required to be posted should be posted in a conspicuous place at the work site.  Where that is not possible, you should ensure that the information that is required to be posted is brought to the attention of employees.

Alberta Posting Requirements

Employers must post the following:

  • notice of when work starts and ends;
  • information that may affect the health and safety of a person at a work site, including work site hazards, hazard controls and work practices and procedures;
  • copies of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, regulations and OHS code;
  • the names and contact information of:
    • the joint work site health and safety committee members at every work site where workers are represented by the committee; or
    • the health and safety representative at every work site where workers are represented by the representative;
  • minutes of joint work site health and safety committee meetings (which must be posted within 7 days of committee meetings);
  • signs (where practicable) indicating the location of first aid services, equipment and supplies. If posting is not practicable, employers must ensure workers know the location of first aid services, equipment and supplies;
  • non-smoking signs, which must be continuously displayed at entrances and within workplaces;
  • while not mandatory, the government guidance strongly recommends posting a COVID-19 Relaunch Plan and posters/signage;
  • orders made under the Occupational Health and Safety Act or Director’s notices concerning conditions or procedures at the work site which must be posted until the conditions specified in the order or notice are met, unless:
    • copies are available in electronic format and employees, committees, and/or representatives are so informed and have ready access to them; or
    • the work site is mobile and posting is impracticable, in which case the employer must ensure that the information is otherwise brought to the workers’ attention;
  • copies of applications (and any acceptances thereof) for alternative pieces of equipment, work process, standard, requirement, substance, service, first aid service or first aid supplies or equipment at a work site; and
  • remedial (compliance) reports in workplaces where there is no joint work site health and safety committee or health and safety representative for the work site.

Where employers are required to establish a code of practice, it must be made readily available to workers and others at the worksite.

British Columbia Posting Requirements

Employers must make available or provide to each employee a B.C. government poster with information about their rights under the Employment Standards Act.

Employers must post:

  • a notice advising where a copy of the Workers Compensation Act and Occupational Health and Safety Regulation are available for review at each workplace;
  • a copy of their COVID-19 Safety Plan and signage, including occupancy limits, hand hygiene and restrictions on visitors/sick workers;
  • where a committee/representative is required:
    • names and work locations of the joint committee members;
    • reports of the 3 most recent joint committee meetings; and
    • copies of any applicable orders related to committees/representatives for the preceding 12 months;
  • first aid procedures;
  • occupational health and safety information summary (when requested) at the workplaces to which it relates;
  • inspection reports (and as applicable, notifications of compliance) for the longer of: 7 days or until compliance has been achieved (unless the report relates to a committee/representative, in which case it must be posted for 12 months);
  • any placard issued by the Board titled “Notice to Workers”;
  • checklist of posting requirementsapplications and decisions with respect to variance orders;
  • accident investigation reports and compliance agreements where there is no committee or representative at the workplace; and
  • compliance reports.

Manitoba Posting Requirements

Employers must provide workers with ready access to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, regulations and any applicable code of practice.

Employers must post:

  • an averaging agreement, if any;
  • a permit issued by the Director authorizing an increase in the standard hours of work, if any;
  • names of the committee members or representative (as applicable);
  • a bulletin board for committees/representatives to use in relation to health and safety matters, which includes information on:
    • names of committee members/representatives;
    • terms of office;
    • meeting dates and agenda;
    • minutes (as applicable);
    • improvement orders, reports or any other director orders;
  • a list of the name and work location of each first aider;
  • a copy of any applicable safe work procedures (e.g., safe work procedures for working alone);
  • copies of the harassment and violence prevention policies;
  • signs identifying slipping and tripping hazards;
  • signs indicating the sex of those entitled to use a toilet facility;
  • signs at each entrance and throughout the workplace indicating that smoking is prohibited;
  • COVID-19 posters and signage; and
  • where there is no committee or representative at the workplace, the written report outlining the steps taken (or yet to be taken) to remedy a contravention identified in an improvement order.

New Brunswick Posting Requirements

Employers must post:

  • minimum wage regulations (in conspicuous places in the workplace where they can be seen by employees);
  • notice of group termination;
  • regulations, if any, with respect to maximum hours of work at minimum wage rate;
  • a copy of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the regulations;
  • any notice which an officer thinks will help employees to understand their rights, liabilities and duties under the Act/regulations;
  • a code of practice (where applicable);
  • COVID-19 posters and signage;
  • the names of the committee members, representative and minutes of the most recent committee meeting;
  • emergency communication procedure (or ensure employees are aware of its contents if posting is not practicable);
  • signs stating names of first aid providers (or ensure employees are aware of their identities if posting is not practicable);
  • signs indicating the location of first aid kits (or ensure employees are aware of the locations if posting is not practicable);
  • if there is no committee/representative, the officer must post a copy of any order. No one can remove the copy of the order unless authorized to do so by an officer.

Newfoundland and Labrador Posting Requirements

Employers must post:

  • a copy of the Labour Standards Act and regulations;
  • where applicable, post a copy of minimum wage regulations;
  • an occupational health and safety policy;
  • a code of practice (if such code is ordered established by the minister);posting requirements
  • escape routes;
  • the names of health and safety committee members or representative or designate (as applicable);
  • minutes of all regular and special committee meetings;
  • signs showing the location of first aid kits and if applicable, first aid rooms;
  • policy and procedure for reporting injuries;
  • near first aid kits or first aid rooms:
    • name of person in charge of first aid kits or first aid room;
    • name of each person trained in first aid; and
    • emergency procedure and telephone list for reaching the nearest police, ambulance, fire station, hospital and physician;
  • signs informing employees that smoking is prohibited in all workspaces except for designated areas and the location of designated areas;
  • COVID-19 posters and signage;
  • stop work orders, which cannot be removed without officer’s permission.

Nova Scotia Posting Requirements

Employers must post:

  • minimum wage order, if you pay minimum wage;
  • a copy of the equal pay section (s.57) of the Labour Standards Code;
  • hours of work restrictions (for industries where hours of work are declared to apply);
  • a current copy of the Occupational Health and Safety Act;
  • any code of practice required under the Code or regulations;
  • the current telephone number for reporting health or safety concerns;
  • where applicable, a copy of the health and safety policy;
  • current names of the committee members or the representative (as applicable) and the means of contacting them;
  • minutes of the most recent committee meeting and ensure they remain posted until minutes of the next meeting are available;
  • the location of first aid supplies and the location or phone number of the first aid attendant throughout the worksite (to the extent reasonably practicable);
  • a copy of their violence prevention statement in a prominent place in each workplace.

Employers must must make available:

  • a copy of regulations that relate to the workplace;
  • information and reports that an officer believes will help employees to understand their rights and responsibilities under the Act/ regulations.

Ontario Posting Requirements

Employers must provide to each employee a copy of the most recent employment standards poster published by the Ontario government (and must provide it in a language other than English, if requested). New employees must receive a copy of the poster within 30 days of their start date.

Employers must post:

  • a copy of the Occupational Health and Safety Act;
  • any regulatory guidance explaining workers’ rights, responsibilities and duties – in English and the majority language of the workplace;
  • at workplaces where a committee is required, the names and work locations of the committee members;
  • poster (known as Form 82) regarding the necessity of reporting all accidents and receiving first aid treatment;
  • copy of the general occupational health and safety policy;
  • copies of the workplace harassment and workplace violence policies (except at workplaces with 5 or less employees, unless an inspector orders otherwise);
  • a copy of the COVID-19 Safety plan, COVID-19 posters and signage (see our COVID-19 Update for more information);
  • signs regarding prohibition of smoking/e-cigarettes throughout the enclosed workplace, place or area including at at each entrance and exit and in washrooms;
  • where provided, a copy of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board’s annual summary of a workplace’s fatalities, lost work days, non-fatal cases that required medical aid without lost work days, occupational injuries and occupational illnesses, in a conspicuous place or places at the workplace where it is most likely to come to the attention of the workers;
  • where an inspector makes an order with respect to a contravention of the Act, a copy of the order in a conspicuous place in the workplace; and
  • where an employer submits a notice of compliance in response to an order, it must be posted (along with the order) for 14 days where it is most likely to come to the attention of workers;

Prince Edward Island Posting Requirements

Employers must post:

  • all relevant minimum wage orders and any other notice of any order made by the board related to wages;
  • all orders made pursuant to the Employment Standards Act relating to wages, hours of work or any other condition or term of employment governed by the Act and regulations;
  • a copy of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and regulations;
  • a code of practice required under the Occupational Health and Safety Act or regulations;
  • a telephone number for reporting health or safety concerns;
  • a copy of the health and safety policy (if applicable);
  • where a committee/representative is required, the following must be posted:
    • names of current committee members or representatives and contact information; and
    • the minutes of the most recent committee meetings;
  • signs indicating the location of first aid kits;
  • identity and phone number of designated first aid provider(s);
  • if there is a first aid room, emergency numbers must be posted;
  • signs (including near entrances) that indicate smoking is not permitted on the premises or outside of a designated smoking area, and that identify designated smoking areas;
  • an officer’s order that is posted in a workplace, attached to a device, material, equipment or machinery must not be removed by any person unless authorized by an officer; and
  • where an officer makes an order or issues a report of an inspection to an employer or a person in charge of the workplace, the order must be posted without delay in a prominent place where it will most likely be seen by the workers.

Employers must make a copy of the harassment policy readily available to workers.

Quebec Posting Requirements

Employers must provide employees with any Commission information regarding employment standards.

Employers must post:

  • all information transmitted by the Commission, the agency and, as applicable, the physician in charge;
  • post the names of designated personnel responsible for health and safety matters;
  • post the names of the members of any health and safety committee;
  • where a vote is require to select a committee representative of non-union workers, notice of the vote and the meeting for nominations must be posted up in the establishment at least 5 days before the vote/meeting take place;
  • post signs indicating how to easily find first-aid kits, equipment and communications system required for immediate communication with emergency services, and the work location, job, family and given names of the first-aider or first-aiders working in the establishment;
  • if there is no health and safety committee, copies of a remedial order.

Saskatchewan Posting Requirements

Employers must personally provide to employees or post in the workplace:

  • work schedules;
  • overtime, where authorization for overtime has been granted or canceled; andposting requirements
  • modified work agreement (as applicable).

Employers must also post the minimum wage regulation.

Employers must make readily available for workers (or post on a health and safety bulletin board):

  • copies of the Saskatchewan Employment Act, and applicable regulations and standards;
  • where there is no committee or representative, any information that the employer knows or would reasonably be expected to know:
    • may affect worker health or safety; or
    • is necessary to identify and control existing or potential hazards regarding any process, procedure, biological substance or chemical substance used at the workplace;
  • a copy occupational health committee meeting minutes until all concerns recorded in the minutes are resolved;
  • the names of committee members or the name of the health and safety representative (as applicable) at every workplace;
  • a copy of the harassment policy;
  • a copy of the violence policy statement;
  • a fire safety plan;
  • signs indicating that smoking is prohibited;
  • where an employer is required to compile statistics as a part of an officer inspection/investigation, the employer must post them; and
  • where there is no committee/representative:
    • an officer must post a copy of any compliance undertaking or notice of contravention; and
    • the person subject to the compliance undertaking or notice of contravention must post the written progress report regarding remedying each contravention.

Federal Posting Requirements

Employers must post:

  • excess hours agreements; and
  • notices containing information set out in Schedule II of the Regulations;

The following health and safety information must be posted, and must also be provided through an alternate medium that is accessible to an employee with a special need (e.g., braille, large print, audio tape, computer disk, sign language or verbal communication).

Employers must post:

  • a copy of Part II of the Canada Labour Code and related regulations;
  • statement of employer’s general health and safety policy;
  • the names, work telephone numbers and work locations of all members of work place committees or the health and safety representative (as applicable), except employers who control a single work place:
    • where less than 20 employees are normally employed, if all of those employees and the health and safety representative normally work at the same time and in the same location; or
    • where only 1 employee is normally employed;
  • a copy of the work place committee’s annual report and keep it posted for 2 months;
  • where an employer applies for an exemption from a work place committee, the exemption request must be kept posted until the employees are informed of the Minister’s decision in respect of the request.;
  • information on first aid to be provided for injury/illness and transportation procedures (provided with the first aid kit if a remote workplace or motor vehicle);
  • location of first aid stations and first aid rooms (provided with the first aid kit if a remote workplace or motor vehicle) ;
  • at every first aid station/room, a list of first aid attendants and how to find them (provided with the first aid kit if a remote workplace or motor vehicle) ;
  • near telephones, a list of emergency telephone numbers (provided with the first aid kit if a remote workplace or motor vehicle);
  • notices setting out the details of evacuation plans and procedures must be posted at locations accessible to every employee at the work place;
  • where applicable, signs identifying fire hazard areas and prohibiting open flames or other sources of ignition must be posted at all entrances to a fire hazard area;
  • contact information for concerns regarding indoor air quality;
  • signs informing everyone that smoking is prohibited in the workspace, except for designated smoking areas/rooms (if any);
  • COVID-19 posters and signage (e.g., hand hygiene, screening employees/clients, and encouraging 2 metre distance);
  • copies of any Minister directions or reports in writing;
  • Board directions must be affixed to or near a machine, thing or place, and cannot be removed unless authorized by the Board.
  • the Minister may also affix or cause to be affixed a notice of danger to or near a place, machine or thing, and that notice cannot be removed unless authorized by the Minister.

Some postings can be provided in electronic form, in which case the employer must also provide appropriate training or printed copies on request.